What does Study Florida have to offer?


Study Florida is a not-for-profit professional association comprised of public and private, 2- year and 4-year, regionally accredited, non-profit educational tertiary institutions in the state of Florida. The broad purpose of this consortium is to connect international students with the excellent opportunities in the State of Florida.

Our primary goal is to promote and market Florida as a study destination for international students. What does Study Florida offer students and high school counselors? Well, if you know the State of Florida is a destination that interests you or your student(s), we hope our consortium's website helps you narrow your choices and find the right school for you. It is our goal to help simplify the process of finding a selection of potential schools, applying, and enrolling in one of Florida's institutions of higher education.

Another goal of Study Florida is to increase the number of international students studying in the state of Florida. University students today are tomorrow's work force. Florida's population is already diverse. In addition, we attract very international visitors thanks to our climate and attractions. Florida possesses the nation's fourth largest high-tech workforce. It is important to our State to attract top talent that is as diverse as possible. Doing business successfully in the 21st century requires a global focus. Florida is poised to be a global contender in a wide range of fields. We'd like our future colleagues to be extended across the globe as well.

Study Florida, Inc.